Off when preparing slide mucous acini mucous adj

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Unformatted text preview: bc easily washed glycoprotein easily removed in slide preparation. off when preparing slide? mucous acini Mucous: adj Mucus: noun Mucus: watery, slippery, slimy. Typically for LUBRICATION of digestive lining to move food down easier, or for FILTRATION in trachea. Lumen, contains mucus moving to Duct (over on Right labeled by "D" This is STROMA!!! Connective tissue. Fig. 4-25 To facilitate or speed up merocrine secretion, some glands have contractile myoepithelial cells, with cellular extensions wrapped around an acinus to “squeeze” and help move secreted product into the duct system. Myoepithelia: specialized epithelia WITHIN an epithelia. Kind of an "octopus" shaped cell shown in BROWN below, sends out a dozen long projection arms surrounding acinius -- it's INSIDE the basement membrane. on basal side! Fxn: To cause a bit of CONTRACTION in order to squeeze acinius and help MOVE MATERIAL out through lumen and to the duct and eventually duct system. Contraction happens due to shortening -- contain lots of actin & myosin! Actin-rich regions show up very dark! Fig. 4-26...
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