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Blue pic dark stained capillaries in endomysium quite

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Unformatted text preview: minin. The endomysium has many capillaries (shown dark in lower right). Blue pic -- dark stained CAPILLARIES in Endomysium! Quite abundant!! Also note striated muscle fibers -- stacked neatly. Fibers are grouped as bundles called fascicles by dense CT layer, called the perimysium (P). A heavier layer of dense CT, the epimysium (E), surrounds the entire muscle. Epimysium = also called deep fascia = cont. w/ TENDON which connects muscle to bone..! Fig. 10-4 Fig. 10-5 “Striations” in skeletal muscle ONE muscle fiber. MyoFIBRILS very neatly stacked into STRIATIONS. •  A bands (dark) •  I bands (light) •  Z discs (or lines) bisect the light I bands The molecular significance of these bands is shown in the next slides. Fig. 10-7b,c Fig. 10-8a,b Z-lline at I-band contain actinin… actin filaments bind here… A-band contains THICK myofilaments -- in add. to a portion of thin myofilaments. One myofibril actin-binding protein. Z discs (with α-actinin) make up the ends of each contractile unit, or sarcomere. One end o...
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