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Do not confuse intercalated discs with z discs two

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Unformatted text preview: but also allowing ions to flow through gap junction. Intercalated discs are irregular and often difficult to distinguish with the LM. (Do not confuse intercalated discs with Z discs– two very different things.) Intercalated discs of cardiac muscle Fig. 10-17 These are sites of gap junctions, desmosomes, and fascia adherens (for intercellular communication & strong adhesion.) Smooth muscle DUCTS -- GI tract, uterus, vessels. Cells/fibers are much smaller, tapered in shape, with central nuclei, and remain as individual cells linked by many gap junctions. Much SPARSER conc. of thick/thin filaments and less organized -- no striations. Functionally theyre all merged… look like looong fibroblasts -- elongated. single nucleus in middle of cell. looks like fat cigar! all cells highly linked together by gap jxns. Smooth m. sarcoplasm is much less well-organized (and show no striations) and contracts with much less force. The cells/fibers can still divide, so repair or r...
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