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Fig 10 1a levels of organization in skeletal muscle

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Unformatted text preview: ber is surrounded by a basal lamina and a small amount of loose CT. Fig. 10-1a Levels of organization in skeletal muscle: Muscle cells are also called fibers. (Many fibers are bundled together as a fascicle.) Inside each muscle fiber are many myofibrils, each composed of thick and thin myofilaments. Around these, the sarcoplasm of each muscle fiber also has mitochondria (M) and small cisternae of sarcoplasmic reticulum. (smooth ER) -- small little pockets of smooth ER. Sequesters Calcium ions!!!!! (1 fxn of SER) Fig. 10-10b Cytoplasm of muscle fiber (aka muscle cell) is organized into bundles of MYOFIBRILS -- a protein! Each contain many thick & think MYOFILAMENTS. All this inside sarcoplasm of one muscle fiber (cell). Fig. 10-3 Connective Tissue of Skeletal Muscle Each muscle fiber is surrounded by a very thin layer of CT, or endomysium (En). Fibers (and satellite cells) also are surrounded by a basal lamina, as shown here (b) using an antibody against la...
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