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Fig 10 1c not z lines like in the other two smooth

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Unformatted text preview: egeneration is no problem. MUCH WEAKER contractions -- fxn to squeeze thing along gut. THEY CAN STILL DIVIDE!!! Repair is absolutely no problem! Fig. 10-1c NOT Z-lines like in the other two… SMOOTH MUSCLE can specifically respond to hormones, physiologically all smooth muscle is quite diff. even tho they all LOOK the same.. for ex, during pregnancy, uterus smooth muscle GROWS. Fig. 10-21 When thick/thin filaments slide past, whole cell kind of shortens. like a worm --- nucleus goes to a more circular scrunched shape. Bundles of thin and thick filaments attach to dense bodies which contain α-actinin and are sites of adhering junctions. When the bundles contract the whole fiber shortens. Gap junctions allow co-ordination of all the cells in large muscles....
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