These sense what are muscles are doing send these

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Unformatted text preview: , in which thin fibers are not contractile but are moved slightly to send sensory input to brain about the state of muscle contraction. These SENSE what are muscles are doing -- send these sensations to the brain and help brain coordinate BODY MOVEMENTS. Specialized fasicle. Myofibrils POORLY DEVELOPED. Sensory organ. NOT part of contractile setup. assoc. with sensory axons! 1 muscle spindle consists of 4 muscle fibers -- but don't fxn the same. don't contract. Fig. 10-14 Cardiac muscle Fibers/cells here have central nuclei, but they branch and have less well-organized, but still striated sarcoplasm. Contraction mechanics similar to that of striated muscle. intercalated discs = JUNCTIONS. Show up as dark lines under mic. Cells are not fused, but joined at intercalated discs, faintly visible in longitudinal sections. No satellite cells, so no repair in cardiac muscle. Cannot repair themselves!!! Fig. 10-1b Fig. 10-16 Intercalated discs STRONG ADHESIONS keeping cells together,...
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