These proliferate and fuse into myotubes myotubes

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Unformatted text preview: Certain mesenchymal cells become myoblasts. These proliferate and fuse into myotubes. Myotubes grow, add more myoblasts, and then differentiate to produce multinucleated, muscle fibers which bundle together and make up a muscle. (Connective tissue not shown.) Fuse to form multinucleated structures called MYOTUBES hypertrophy: pumping iron into fibers to make them grow!!!! But in HYPERPLAGIA, times of intense exercise, satellite cells add on to make muscle fiber GROW. So Satellite cells used for REPAIR and GROWTH. Satellite cells are undifferentiated cells, used only when repair is needed. Some myoblasts are undiff and assoc. w/ fiber -- called Satellite cell. They act as "reserve" in case fiber is damaged. Fig. 10-2 These cont. to diff. further and become more specialized -within a few days they form MUSCLE FIBER. Skeletal muscle fibers each have multiple nuclei, located near the cell membrane, or sarcolemma, and the “sarcoplasm” shows striations in longitudinal sections. Each fi...
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