g2 short phase when cells prepare to undergo mitosis

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Unformatted text preview: of DNA=replication). S – phase when DNA is replicated (Histones are only proteins being made here.) G2 – short phase when cells prepare to undergo mitosis and cytokinesis M – phase of chromatin condensation into chromosomes and equal separation between two daughter cells (M is further subdivided.) Transitions from one cell cycle phase to the next are controlled by levels of proteins called cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases, which together proteins called CYCLINS and their CDKs control cell cycle!!!!! Control transition constitute cell cycle “checkpoints.” bw phases of the cell cycle at CHECKPOINTS. Fig. 3-13 DON'T HAVE TO MEMORIZE THIS TABLE. When each successive set of activities for a phase is completed, the cyclin controlling that cell cycle phase is removed rapidly by proteasomes and a new cyclin that promotes different activities (enzymes) for the next cell cycle phase takes over. Cyclins QUICKLY gotten rid of so that cell cycle can keep moving! Cyclins get UBIQUITINATED and moved to proteasomes to be broken down!!! Then they're DONE. Then Diff cyclin is turned on by a kinase and does their activity. When THAT'S finished, cells says "okay, every...
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