Envelope 3 nuclear pore complexes npc which is not

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Unformatted text preview: ot; -- layer! intermediate filaments made of lamin; and forms network just under nuc. envelope. (3)  nuclear pore complexes (NPC) which is not well-understood, but having how material gets OUT of nuc. into several types of proteins called nucleoporins. Regulatesproteins and stuff get INTO nucleus! cytoplasm and how Meshwork Fig. 3-4 Nuclear “pores” (aka annuli) provide openings through the nuclear envelope for controlled two-way transit of RNA and protein. nuc pores involved in 2 way traffic! stuff coming in/out seem to pass thru same pores! -- most material LEAVING nuc is transcribed mRNA. Most stuff coming iN are proteins which have to be made in cytoplasm. (freeze-fracture technique) Cell is frozen and CRACKED, then layered with something heavy like GOLD. 2 Fig. 3-5 Fig. 3-6 The Cell Cycle Fig. 3-12 G2 is very short phase -- just a few hours -- cells get what they need in order to go through MITOSIS. "quiet" DNA condenses into chromosome during PROPHASE. Longest period!!!! Over half the cell cycle's total time. Cell cycle phases: G1 – phase when cells may differentiate, but remain capable of replicating DNA and dividing again preliminary to S-PHASE (S=synthesis...
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