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Of cancer by inducing apoptosis in the affected cell

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Unformatted text preview: ssor proteins -- their job is to realize when one of the control mechanisms/checkpoints has failed to kick in properly. A famous one is p53. These proteins normally block dev. of cancer by inducing apoptosis in the affected cell! So cell shrinks to nothing. These factors are therefore called tumor suppressors. Mutations in their genes lead to more unrestricted neoplastic growth (cancer) by removing their normal pro-apoptotic function. In other words, tumor suppressors act as “back ups” to prevent cancer when a proto-oncogene malfunctions. When the tumor suppressors are also defective, neoplastic growth (cancer) occurs more readily. Genes that control GROWTH FACTORS directly involved in cell proliferations -- and genes that make the RECEPTOR PROTEINS these Growth Factors bind to -- are called PROTOONCOGENES!!!!!!!!!! If they are mutated and lead to PROLIFERATION, UNCEASING CELL DIVISION, these protooncogenes become ONCOGENES -- the control mechanism that regultes txn of these genes has been compromised. This causes cancer!...
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