All of these cts derived from mesenchymemesoderm in

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Unformatted text preview: (The last 3 types will be studied later.) Cartilage and bone SUPER specialized for support. ALL of these CTs derived from mesenchyme/mesoderm in embryo!! Functions of connective tissue proper: •  Provide structural/physical support •  Serve as the site of blood vessels and a medium for diffusion and exchange of nutrients, metabolites, and wastes between cells and blood vessels •  Serve as main site for immune defense and immune protection in all organs. •  Site for the body’s storage of fat in special cells called adipocytes. particularly capillaries through which diffusion of nutrients/waste can occur! immune cells -- WBCs, lymphocytes -- most of their activity takes place in CT!! Most FAT stored in ADIPOSE TISSUE, a type of CT. The hallmark feature of CT proper is the large volume of extracellular matrix (ECM) which besides cells includes two major kinds of material: 1. Protein fibers, mainly of collagen or elastin 2. “Ground substance”: clear, water-rich material through which diffusion occurs Besides water, ECM contains PROTEIN FIBERS (IMP: COLLAGEN & ELASTIN!!!) and a watery substance referred to as GROUND SUBSTANCE -- looks like NOTHING in microscopy (watery, unstained region) but in fact its imp. bc most diffusion occurs here! Fibroblasts synthesize most collagen and ground substance. They are the key cell in most types of connective tissue. Surrounded by much ECM, fibroblasts are long, tapering cells with elongated or ovoid nuclei. divide slowly!! but are growing! "-blast" Fibroblasts: Most imp. component of CT proper. Fibroblasts synth. ALL components of ECM and secrete it OUTSIDE OF CELL where it becomes organized as ECM!!! LOTS of collagen here and less ground substance! DENSER. LOTS of watery ground substance here! Fig. 5-3 Collagen gives tissue its tensile strength and is a main feature of CT. With H&E staining, collagen appears as eosinophilic bundles of fibers. Most of the cell nuclei seen in the left figure are of fibroblasts, which produced the eosinophilic bundles of...
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