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Apical end is away from basement membrane other 2

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Unformatted text preview: of epithelial cells. APICAL end is AWAY from basement membrane. Other 2 sides are LATERAL. General functions of epithelia: •  Form barriers within organs and for some body “compartments” •  Absorb material from one region or compartment to another, e.g., substances in the gut or compounds to be excreted in urine •  Form tubes for transport of material to specific regions •  Secrete material directionally into tubes (ducts) or another specific compartment •  Line cavities of many types •  Protect against possible damage from friction, infection, dehydration, etc. Divide organs into diff compartments!!!! Absorb material….material can be selectively absorbed from one region to another. ex: BLOOD VESSELS, DUCTS. Stomach, etc. MAJOR EXAMPLE: SKIN!!!!!! Epidermis of our skin is a SUPER THICK layer of epithelia!!!! Protects us from temperature, environment, against dehydration, from microbes, etc. basal side Major functions of basement membranes: attach epithelia cells to underlying looser CONNECTIVE tissue. 1) Attach epithelial cells to underlying connective tissue 2) “Localize” the growth of epithelial cells K...
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