Most cells have 1 primary cilium and microvilli 92

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Unformatted text preview: s in its center (a structure called an axoneme) and is formed from a basal body (B) organizing center at the cell periphery. Most cells have 1 primary cilium. (and microvilli) 9+2, made of tubulin (hard to see microscopically) -- mysterious… Fxn: To move material across surface of epithelia -- found in TRACHEA -- move mucus upwards towards oral cavity! but seem to be related to SENSORY fxn in cell -- 9+2 like axoneme, but diff fxn… Fig. 4-10 Dyein is an ACTIVE protein -- motor which binds to tubulin, moves along it In the axoneme one MT of each doublet has bound “arms” of dynein which associate with tubulin in the neighboring MT, pulling the two MTs along one another slightly. This change, rotating rapidly around the entire axoneme, produces a flailing or beating movement of the cilium. Dyein projecting from 1 doublet interacts w/ tubulin coming off OTHER doublet. This causes the doublet arms to SHIFT past eachother! This shift causes entire axoneme to BEND. 9+3, forms ROOT out of which an axoneme grows!!!! Resemble CENTRIOLES. This "bend" -- shape change -occurs rapidly as a "FLAIL" almost like...
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