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Unformatted text preview: k the two layers. These components are made & secreted by the epithelial cell (C). denser & more fibrous The reticular lamina (RL) is more diffuse, thicker and fibrous, containing largely fibers of type III collagen (reticulin) anchored to BL by collagen VII fibers, all secreted by cells of the adjacent “connective tissue.” Cells attach to basal lamina by hemidesmosomes (H). integrins very conc. here -- help bind epithelial cells to basement membrane. KNOW EVERYTHING ON THIS SLIDE THAT IS UNDERLINED. Fig. 4-3 Epithelial cells are further held together by “junctional complexes.” Fig. 4-4 apical proteins in the apical membrane are DIFF from the lateral proteins in the lateral membranes!! (transmembrane proteins -- can move laterally). Adherent jxns provide STRENGTH to the weaker tight jxns! involved not in cell adhesion, but COMM. So typically they can move all around cell -but in this type of cell, TIGHT JXN prevents movement of membrane proteins -- prevents from moving laterally across the diff cell membranes. LATERAL SIDES!!! WHAT HOLDS THESE CELLS TOGE...
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