Bc lack ribosomes 3 important ones lipid synthesis

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Unformatted text preview: tions: Functions of SMOOTH ER diff than rough! Bc lack ribosomes. 3 important ones: LIPID SYNTHESIS, DETOXIFICATION, SEQUESTRATION OF CA IONS -- IMP. IN MUSCLE!!! 1)  Site of enzymes for complex lipid (e.g., steroids) synthesis 2) Site of enzymes that detoxify various harmful substances 3) Site of membranous structures for calcium ion sequestration. So smooth ER stores enzymes used to build complex lipids, detoxify material, and also store Calcium ions!!!! Cytoplasm filled with smooth ER often looks “washed out” or poorly stained because its lipid-rich structure is dissolved by the organic solvents used in tissue processing for paraffin embedding. That can be seen in the adrenal cells shown here (at right). highly dynamic structure. constantly moving/changing shape! The SER is also an area of transition to the Golgi apparatus. This is a stack of flat membranous vesicles and is the site of final protein modification and sorting into transport vesicles. These vesicles form continuously and move through the “trans Golgi network.” The structure is highly dynamic, with...
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