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Discovered by italian scientist golgi tem mostly

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Unformatted text preview: vesicles fixed in place in TEM preparations as seen here. Discovered by Italian scientist GOLGI. TEM Mostly lipid, won't show up in H&E staining. Entry face, or CIS face, is site of vesicle entrance (fusion). Fuse to cis face, move thru cisternae, then pinch off at exit FACE (trans face) trans face = faces away from nucleus Fig. 2-20 Membrane proteins called coat proteins (COPs) guide movement of the vesicles as their contents undergo various enzymatic modifications. Finally, the Golgi exports various protein-filled vesicles, such as secretory vesicles (which undergo exocytosis) and lysosomes. If proteins have sugar chains on them, they're called GLYCOPROTEINS! Disulfide bonds… PO4- groups added… All these POSTTRANSLATIONAL MODIFICATIONS occur obviously after translation. Start in Rough ER, finish off in Golgi Apparatus. These proteins have "addresses" attached to them -- direct final vesicle to where they need to go. some vesicles studded w/ membrane something?? become ins...
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