Fig 2 17 when a phagosome gets fused to a lysosome

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Unformatted text preview: gestive enzymes. ex: osteoclast !! although fairly rare in most cells. Fig. 2-17 When a PHAGOSOME gets fused to a LYSOSOME, material in phagosome broken down & recycled & released!!! If material in phagosome CAN'T be digested, there may be an accum. of undigestable material called RESIDUAL BODY. Autophagy: excess organelles ingested into lysosome, then broken down. autophagy: "self" eating. If organism being starved, autophagy kicks in. With the TEM (lower right) primary lysosomes are of uniform density, but after fusing with vesicles, secondary lysosomes (or phagolysosomes) are more variable. Fig. 2-16 primary lysosomes are ELECTRON DENSE. as they become secondary lysosomes by fusing to other stuff, they become more heterogenous & less dense --------> (TEM) Material that cannot be digested in lysosomes may persist in residual bodies. These can accumulate in cytoplasm and appear in LM as brownish deposits also called laka Residual body) ipofuchsin ( (at arrow). can be seen in UNSTAINED cells! Common in NERVE CELLS? Such stru...
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