Some vesicles lled w digestive enzymes made on rough

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Unformatted text preview: erted into cell membrane! become part of it. Fig. 2-14 3 general fates: 1. Some vesicles filled w/ digestive enzymes (made on Rough ER, mod. in Golgi). become LYSOSOMES. 2. Secretory granule, fuses to cell membrane, EXOCYTOSIS Cells of pancreas HIGHLY specialized for secretion. Lumen! undergo exocytosis into lumen of gut lumen carries to gut where these enzymes help digest food. basophilia acidophilia Highly secretory pancreas cells: in clusters (LM, left) or one cell (TEM at right) RER makes those areas of cytoplasm basophilic (affinity for hematoxylin) as seen in the light microscope. The secretory granules filled with protein to be secreted from the cell are acidophilic and accumulate in one end of the cell before undergoing exocytosis specifically into the space of a very small lumen outside the cells. Filled with digestive enzymes, lysosomes are responsible for (1) intracellular digestion of phagocytosed material, (2) removal of excess organelles (autophagy), or in some cells (3) exocytotic release of di...
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