The lumens in microtubules have no known fxn quite

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Unformatted text preview: c. See Table 2-4 Assembly/disassembly of Tubulin dimers in Microtubules occur VERY dynamically -constantly happening. THE LUMENS IN MICROTUBULES HAVE NO KNOWN FXN! (quite variable) Keratin important for EPITHELIAL CELLS. MUCH MORE STABLE THAN THE OTHER 2 IN THE CYTOPLASM! ONCE ASSEMBLED, SLOW TO DISASSABLE. MAKE CELL STRONG. Integral membrane proteins called integrins serve to link indirectly the actin filaments to protein fibers outside the cell. INTEGRINS… KNOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! cytoskeleton often showed in immunohistochemistry staining. Figs. 2-22 & 2-27 All cytoskeletal elements are best seen by TEM (a) or immunohistochemistry (b). Shown in b are microfilaments and microtubules with the actin filaments in red and microtubules in green. (The nucleus is blue, with a blue fluorescent dye binding the DNA.) Intermediate filaments made of keratin are abundant in most epithelial cells as shown in c (TEM). c Centrioles, which organize MTs to form the mitotic spindle during cell division, each have 9 sets of MT...
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