Mitochondria e dense little dots on he stain

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Unformatted text preview: yellow) in a cultured cell given a fluorescent molecule that is sequestered into these organelles. mitochondria e- dense little dots on H&E stain. typically a bit basophilic(?) --- most of their proteins made on FREE polysomes and then imported. Fig. 2-19 3 major components of a cell’s cytoskeleton, which determines the cell’s shape and movements: Microtubules – tubes made of α and β tubulin dimers; 25 nm diameter; assembly and disassembly are very dynamic. MTs serve as tracks for transport of organelles etc. by motors such as kinesin and dynein. Microfilaments – each made of 2 helical strands of actin monomers; 5-7 nm diameter; also very dynamic in structure. Myosin motors interact here. Intermediate filaments – made of different proteins in different cells, such as vimentin and keratins, with structure much more stable than MTs or actin filaments; diameter ranges 8-10 nm. NOT membraneous. Hollow tubes, dimers of alpha and beta TUBULIN. (aka Actin filaments) constantly shortening! very dynami...
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