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W bilayerintegral proteins fig 2 3 cell membrane or

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Unformatted text preview: loosely assoc. w/ bilayer/integral proteins. Fig. 2-3 cell membrane, or PLASMALEMMA Membranes are semipermeable, regulating what can get across them through certain types of integral membrane proteins. Fig. 2-5 may or may not require ATP specifically bind mol, shape change, mol. released into cell. usually needs ATP Molecules can cross membranes passively or actively. The proteins involved are called channels, carriers/transporters, or receptors. Most are ligand-specific. Membrane proteins are key components regulating cell-cell communication and adhesion. (More on cellular adhesion next week.) CELL ADHESION IS IMPORTANT, WILL TALK ABOUT LATER. Cell membrane is also involved endocytosis or uptake of material into cells, (a more dramatic way of bringing things into cell) usually by one of three related processes: a. Phagocytosis: nonspecific, usually bulk, uptake of “large” objects cellular "eating" b. Pinocytosis: nonspecific uptake of fluid outside the cell cell "drinking" c. Receptor-mediated endocytosis: uptake of spec...
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