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15JUDC233-001 – ANCIENT STORIES OF CREATION, SPRING 2008 WEEK ONE (Mar. 31, Apr. 2, Apr. 4) THE IDEA OF CREATION Mon. Mar. 31: Introductory Remarks; Syllabus Review Wed. Apr. 2: Myth and Creation; Ancient vs. Modern Models Fri. Apr. 4: What’s a Cosmogony? WEEK TWO (Apr. 7, Apr. 9, Apr. 11) THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST: SUMERIAN CREATION ACCOUNTS Mon. Apr. 7: Assigned Reading : The Worm and the Toothache Wed. Apr. 9: Assigned Reading : Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and the Nether World; Tree and Reed; Praise of the Pickax Fri. Apr. 11: Assigned Reading : Enki and Ninhursag; Enki and the World Order; Grain and Sheep WEEK THREE (Apr. 14, Apr. 16, Apr. 18) THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST: AKKADIAN CREATION ACCOUNTS Mon. Apr. 14: Assigned Reading : Atrahasis Wed. Apr. 16: Assigned Reading : Enuma elish Fri. Apr. 18: Assigned Reading : The Dunnu Theogony WEEK FOUR (Apr. 21, Apr. 23, Apr. 25) THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST: EGYPTIAN CREATION ACCOUNTS Mon. Apr. 21: Assigned Reading : The Theology from Memphis Wed. Apr. 23: Assigned Reading
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