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Geog 126 S08 - World Regional Geography Asia 126 and 126H...

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World Regional Geography: Asia 126 and 126H 300 Braunstein Hall – MWF 10–10:50 Spring Quarter Ms. Fink reserves the right to modify this syllabus as conditions warrant. Instructor : Nissa Fink Office : 416 Braunstein Hall, Desk 5 Office Hours : T 4-5pm, W&F 11am-12pm and by appointment Telephone : 556-3433 Email : [email protected] TA: Paul Liu, [email protected] 416 Braunstein, Desk 1 Office Hours: Thursdays 2-4 Course Objectives: This course will examine the regional geography of Asia on the international, national and sub-national scales. Required Text: Karan, P.P. 2004. The Non-Western World: Environment, Development, and Human Rights. Taylor and Francis, Inc. It is suggested, but not required, that you purchase an atlas for use in this class. If you prefer, the library has a multitude of atlases for in-house use. Course Requirements and Grading: Map Quizzes 3 @ 50 150 Assignments 3 @ 80 240 Exams [email protected] 600 Free Points 10 Total 1000 Grading Scale 930 – 1000 A 900 – 929 A- 870 – 899 B+ 830 – 869 B 800 – 829 B- 770 – 799 C+ 730 – 769 C 700 – 729 C- 670 – 699 D+ 630 – 669 D 600 – 629 D- 599 – Below F Assignments: There are three map assignments, each of which will be worth 80 points. Instructions for each assignment are forthcoming and will be presented in class and posted on Blackboard. Please follow these instructions exactly, as points will be deducted if the directions are not followed . 1
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Assignments are due by 10:50 (the end of class). Late assignments will incur a penalty of 5 points for each day late, for a maximum of 25 points. Assignments are to be turned-in in a 9x12 inch manila envelope (no bubble mailers), with your name and the class title printed in the top right corner. Please do not secure this envelope when turning in your assignments. All assignments are to be typed, double spaced with one inch margins. Multiple pages are to be numbered.
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