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Unformatted text preview: ating Expenses/(Income) as a CAGR 68.15% 0.00% 0.54% 4.05% 1.24% Average of COGS / Total Revenue 2008 - 2012; appears to have changed over time Changing production costs due to increasingly difficult exploration environment? Average annual growth rate 1997 - 2012 Overhead fixed expenses Average % of Revenue 1997 - 2012; less variability than growth rates Depreciation / Gross PP&E; latest 5 years; appears to be a drop, may be temprorary or due to change in asset mix Avereage annual growth rate 1997 - 2012; very little change since 1997 compared to revenue According to notes, composed of non-income related taxes and duties (production royalties) Interest Expense as a % of Total LT Debt Income/(loss) from affiliates as a % of Revenue Currency Gains/(Losses) Other non-Operating Inc./(Expenses) Total Unusual Items as a % of Total Revenue #VALUE! 2.33% Interest Exp / Total LT Debt 2011 is 2.93%; Capital Structure details compute 3.18% Average of Income/(Loss) from Affiliates / Revenue 1997 - 2012; maybe a very-long wave relationship? 1 time item, not material or included in other accounts Only 2 items, not material Very random and not material Revenue earned from oil production, refining, and marketing; volatile, economicall sensisitve Results from minority ownership in other entities Tax Rate Minority Interest as a % of Net Income 41.96% -2.95% Average of Income Tax / EBT 2008 - 2012; seems systematically higher in recent years Average of Minority Interest / Net Income to Company 1997 - 2011; not a material account Total Receivables (A/R + Other Receivables) Inventory Prepaid Expenses Deferred Tax Assets, current Restricted Cash Other Current Assets Gross PP&E Long-term Assets Deferred Tax Assets, LT Other Long-Term Assets Accounts Payable Accrued Exp. Curr. Income Taxes Payable Other Current Liabilities Capital Leases PBO + Other Non-Current Liabilities Deferred Tax Liabilities, Non-current Comprehensive Income Minority Interest Divestitures Other Investing Activities Bonds Average Annual Repayment Average Annual Issuance Average Annual Net Change in Bonds Stock Repurchases Dividends 8.45% 6.24% 0 0.88% 0 0 8.57% 18,243 0.79% 19,704 11.26% 6,317 40.08% 13,095 339 16.32% 18.07% -18.21% 72.62% 3,690 848 Total Receivables / Total Revenue 2008 - 2012; appears to have be a shift over time; Total Receivables has better relationship than separate ARunknown - posssibly related to financing program? AR is trade (oil & gas) related, other is and Other Rec Inventory / COGS; slightly higher correlation, better business operations relationship About 1/3 is materials and supply and 2/3 is oil products Has registered as zero for the last 5 years; may be incorporated into another account Deferred Tax Assets, Current / Gross PP&E; best correlation; low number of observations; not a material account Periodically appears and disappears, restriction appears temporary?; not material Growth rate; appears to be stable and has a short history; not material Growth Rate; More stable than Revenue or COGS; impacted by acquisitions...
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