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Unformatted text preview: 326.3194038 905 88.74 0.038899 -0.011694 0.013603 13602.5650064 972 89.79 -0.145768 0.007066 -0.069351 -69351.038111 977 89.16 0.042484 -0.091502 -0.024509 -24509.13794 986 98.14 -0.090369 0.011023 -0.039673 -39672.817843 996 97.07 -0.051593 -0.03027 -0.040931 -40931.312837 1,019 5% 1-day VaR Correlation -31,496 -0.001098 Mean Std Dev 3 Std Dev 0.10% #NAME? #NAME? Percentage #NAME? Dollars Worst Loss Std Devs -125,408 #NAME? Date 7-Nov-11 4-Nov-11 3-Nov-11 2-Nov-11 1-Nov-11 31-Oct-11 28-Oct-11 27-Oct-11 26-Oct-11 25-Oct-11 24-Oct-11 21-Oct-11 20-Oct-11 19-Oct-11 18-Oct-11 17-Oct-11 14-Oct-11 13-Oct-11 12-Oct-11 11-Oct-11 10-Oct-11 7-Oct-11 6-Oct-11 5-Oct-11 4-Oct-11 3-Oct-11 30-Sep-11 29-Sep-11 28-Sep-11 27-Sep-11 26-Sep-11 23-Sep-11 22-Sep-11 21-Sep-11 20-Sep-11 19-Sep-11 16-Sep-11 15-Sep-11 14-Sep-11 13-Sep-11 12-Sep-11 9-Sep-11 8-Sep-11 7-Sep-11 6-Sep-11 2-Sep-11 1-Sep-11 31-Aug-11 30-Aug-11 29-Aug-11 26-Aug-11 25-Aug-11 24-Aug-11 23-Aug-11 22-Aug-11 19-Aug-11 18-Aug-11 17-Aug-11 16-Aug-11 15-Aug-11 12-Aug-11 11-Aug-11 10-Aug-11 9-Aug-11 8-Aug-11 5-Aug-11 4-Aug-11 3-Aug-11 2-Aug-11 1-Aug-11 29-Jul-11 28-Jul-11 27-Jul-11 26-Jul-11 25-Jul-11 22-Jul-11 21-Jul-11 20-Jul-11 19-Jul-11 18-Jul-11 15-Jul-11 14-Jul-11 13-Jul-11 12-Jul-11 11-Jul-11 8-Jul-11 7-Jul-11 6-Jul-11 5-Jul-11 1-Jul-11 30-Jun-11 29-Jun-11 28-Jun-11 27-Jun-11 24-Jun-11 23-Jun-11 22-Jun-11 21-Jun-11 20-Jun-11 17-Jun-11 16-Jun-11 15-Jun-11 14-Jun-11 13-Jun-11 10-Jun-11 9-Jun-11 8-Jun-11 7-Jun-11 6-Jun-11 3-Jun-11 2-Jun-11 1-Jun-11 31-May-11 27-May-11 26-May-11 25-May-11 24-May-11 23-May-11 20-May-11 19-May-11 18-May-11 17-May-11 16-May-11 13-May-11 12-May-11 11-May-11 10-May-11 9-May-11 6-May-11 5-May-11 4-May-11 3-May-11 2-May-11 29-Apr-11 28-Apr-11 27-Apr-11 26-Apr-11 25-Apr-11 21-Apr-11 20-Apr-11 19-Apr-11 18-Apr-11 15-Apr-11 14-Apr-11 13-Apr-11 12-Apr-11 11-Apr-11 8-Apr-11 7-Apr-11 6-Apr-11 5-Apr-11 4-Apr-11 1-Apr-11 31-Mar-11 30-Mar-11 29-Mar-11 28-Mar-11 25-Mar-11 24-Mar-11 23-Mar-11 22-Mar-11 21-...
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