1986 luxo jr 1986 keyframing animation animating golem

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Unformatted text preview: animation animation Autonomous motion Autonomous motion planning planning Animation Animation Keyframe animation Pixar: “Luxo Jr.” (1986) “Luxo Jr.” (1986) Keyframing Animation Animating Golem in LOTR Motion capture Animation Animation The Animatrix – Example: “Geri’s Game” - Pixar Geri’ “Geri’s Game” “Final Flight of the Osiris” “Final Flight of the Osiris” Osiris” Dynamics Animation Cloth Simulation Physics-based animation PhysicsPhysics-based animation Fluid Simulation Smoke Simulation Modeling Modeling Assumptions Assumptions • Incompressibility • Incompressibility • No viscosity • No viscosity • Viscocity • Viscocity Navier-Stokes Equations NavierNavier-Stokes Equations Rendering Rendering • Photon maps • Photon maps u 0 u 1 v (u) (u )u p g t u 0 u 1 (u )u p f t • Multiple scattering • Multiple scattering Level Sets Level Sets u : fluid velocity field u : smoke velocity field f : external forces g : gravity p: pressure p: pressure : density v : viscosity : density Animation Behavioral animation Elements of CG Ethology The graphics pipeline Modeling Animation Rendering Rendering Visibility Visibility Key elements Illumination Rendering Camera Geometric Shape & Reflectance Simulating light Simulating light propagation propagation • Reflection • Reflection • Asborption • Asborption Pixels • Scattering • Scattering • Emission • Emission • Interference • Interference Camera Model Rendering Draw visible surfaces onto display Camera (view direction) Clipping Image Plane Camera (eye position) Reflectance Modeling Complex Reflectance Scan Conversion Subsurface Scattering Texture Translucency and varied levels of light penetration can be Translucency and varied levels of light penetration can be created using subsurface scattering effects created using subsurface scattering effects Multilevel texture Multilevel texture synthesis synthesis Non-Photorealistic Rendering Rendering: Information Aaron Hertzmann Elements of CG Interaction Input/Output Devices The graphics pipeline Tools • Modeling, rendering, and animation • Modeling, rendering, and animation Modeling Animation Rendering Input Devices Exotic Display Devices Keyboard Keyboard Mouse Mouse Light Pen Light Pen Game controller Game controller Immersive Tablet Tablet Head-M...
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