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egoism - Explain the relationship between Ethical and...

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Explain the relationship between Ethical and Psychological Egoism? Do you think it is possible to advocate psychological egoism but not ethical egoism? As it is important to know the relationship between Psychological Egoism from Ethical Egoism, it is as equally important to be able to distinguish the two. Egoism is derived from the Latin word ego, which quite literally translates into the English word “I” (Britannica Encyclopedia.) It is to no surprise then to know that Psychological Egoism and Ethical Egoism are related in that they both deal with self-interest. Ethical Egoism is, in the sense of what we discussed in class, an “anti-ethical theory” (David Packman.) It deals with the idea that morality is for the weak, and holds that a person should always act in one’s self- interest. If an action is not in accordance with morality but it is known that an individual can get a way the action, according to Ethical Egoism, it is in the best self-interest to act against morality. If an action is
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