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ETHICS Question: In order for an action to be free and fit for praise or blame it must be based on choice. Both Aristotle and Hum claim that choice is the result of a union of desire and cognition, however, they claim that owns desires are determined by one’s up bringing and cognition is just means to an end. (explain) Do you think that one’s action is free based on Aristotle’s and hume’s account? *note- being psychologically determined isn’t the same thing as being physically determined. Lay out the story: Desire or cognition Choice EX: Desire want iphone Buy Steal Win (won’t work) Beg (won’t work) o Buy or steal is based on how you were brought up EX: Desire want good grade on test Study Cheat Do nothing (won’t work) FREE not being forced ?CALCULATED? OTHER Theories Plato (15) Aristotle (15) Hum (15)
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Unformatted text preview: Afterlife if soul is in well order heaven if not hell Take punishment is better to take because it puts your soul in order Virtues modify/ concern emotions (extreme and deficiency) General Justice (in terms of virtuous), Exchange Justice (trade off you get what you give), distributive justice (everybody agrees with people get whatever they get based on merit-but everyone has different types of merti [democratic {everyone equal}, allegoric {whoever puts in more money}, aristocratic {whoever is more virtuous}) HUME o Moral judgments are based on feeling o Conception of justice/ Rules of JusticeCapitalism Another question (20 pts) four ideas Psychological Argument : Humes Action is based on sentiment not reason. Reason Sentiment...
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