Which of the following sets of apolipoproteins are

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Unformatted text preview: se is correct? a. Needs Apo E for activation b. It is an extracellular enzyme primarily bound to capillary walls of the heart, liver, and skeletal muscle c. Heart LPL has a weaker affinity for TAGs than adipose LPL d. Cleaves TAGs inside of lipoproteins, especially chylomicrons and LDLs e. Adipose LPL has a large Km and acts primarily at elevated lipoprotein concentrations AEP Biochemistry, Tues. 6pm Facilitators: Alexa Gavaga and Jennae Lee Quiz Week 8 Lectures 45- 48 8. Kevin Durant has recently been diagnosed with mixed hypertriacylglycerolemia, a disorder marked by high levels of VLDL and chylomicrons. Which of the following sets of apolipoproteins are required for the proper metabolism of chylomicrons? a. Apo C- II, Apo E, Apo B- 100 b. Apo C- II, Apo E, Apo B- 100, Apo B- 48 c. Apo E, Apo B- 48 d. Apo C- II,...
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