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A a lack of phosphorylation on o linked glycoproteins

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Unformatted text preview: fice with skeletal abnormalities, restricted joint movement, coarse facial features and severe psychomotor impairment. You consider for a moment that this condition may be I- cell disease, which be caused by? a. A lack of phosphorylation on O- linked glycoproteins b. Poorly synthesized lysosomal enzymes c. Poor binds of various sugar moieties to asparagine d. Dysfunctional dolichol phosphate e. Accumulation of substrates that normally are broken down by lysosomal enzymes A male 5 year old comes into your office with his parents. You notice coarse facial features, a large tummy signifying possible hepatosplenomegaly, normal eyesight and mild mental retardation. You predict this child has a deficiency in which enzyme? a. Iduronate sulfatase b. B- Glucosidase c. A- galactosidase d. Iduronidase e. B- Hexosaminidase A A young Jewish Eastern European couple comes into your office for counseling regarding their 3...
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