4 multipop stack goal support operations on a set of

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Unformatted text preview: . Preflow-push. (f ) = height(v ) v : excess(v ) > 0 Red-black trees. w (x ) (T ) = xT w (x ) = 0 1 0 2 x x x x 28 A MORTIZED A NALYSIS ‣ binary counter ‣ multipop stack ‣ dynamic table SECTION 17.4 Multipop stack Goal. Support operations on a set of n elements: ・PUSH(S, x): push object x onto stack S. ・POP(S): remove and return the most-recently added object. ・MULTIPOP(S, k): remove the most-recently added k objects. MULTIPOP (S, k) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FOR i = 1 TO k POP (S). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________...
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