It also provides the r2 change from model one to two

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Unformatted text preview: .001 and conclude that the coefficient of correlation between and is statistically different from zero. c ) What does table five show? Table five shows… Four different models for the prediction of adolescent’s preferences for physical science professions with each model coming with standardized coefficients (beta weights) as well as R^2. Variables are entered as blocks. The variables within each block relate to the same construct. It also provides the R^2 change from model one to two to three. • • • • Model one includes grade in school and science GPA as predictors. Model two includes the variables in model one as well as Number of science/math activities, and Number of non-science activities. Model three includes the variables in models one and two as well as Mothers' perceptions of child's science ability , and Mothers' attitudes about value of science for females. Model four includes the predictors in the first model as well as Adolescents' interests in biology , and Adolescents' interests in physical science. d ) Using table five write the regression equation for the prediction of a dolescent’s p references for physical science (use the model with R^2 = 0.39). Naming the predictors in the model X1,…,X9. The model is Z^(physical science) = 0 -0.13Z1 + 0.20 Z2 + 0.19Z3 + 0.08Z4 + 0.00Z5 + 0.13Z6 + 0.11Z7 + 0.09Z8 + 0.21Z9 e ) Interpret 0.21 or the adolescent’s interest in physical science. Keeping all else constant, if we increase adolescent’s interest in physical science by one standard deviation (i.e., one Z units), the preference for physical science professions increases 0.21 standard deviation units. f ) Based on this model, what is the most important predictor of a dolescent’s p reference for physical science and why? The most important predictor of adolescent’s preferenece for physical scie...
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