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Social Networking 1 Running head: SOCIAL NETWORKING Social Networking: Teaching Critical Thinking? Michelle Mantonya American Intercontinental University Kathy Matthes Eng. 105 U5 IP February 10, 2008
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Social Networking 2 How Critical Thinking Is Not Used Danah Boyd , one of the world’s leading experts on social networking sites believes when it comes to children and social networking “there’s no doubt that they pick it up and they figure out how to use it, but they’re not critical learners automatically, not critical thinkers” (2007, para. 14). People don’t think about who will be reading their profile or how that information will be used. People post some unbelievably personal, tragic stories about their life experiences and they discus how they handle those situations (Ostman-Magnsen, K. 2007). The way chosen is not always the right way. How will children know which way is the right way if they don’t know how to think critically? If children read about someone handling the situation the wrong way, they just might think that this way is the right way. “Teachers need to teach the mechanisms and the social behavior aspect. Let the kids do what they need to do, but teach them how to be critical” (Boyd, para. 27). Cell phones Banned from Schools
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Eng.U5IP.doc 1 - Social Networking Running head SOCIAL...

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