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Math 120 SP08 Section 6.3 Notes: Addition & Multiplication Principles Brodnick Examples : 1. You go to a restaurant where they are serving 2 beef dishes, 3 poultry dishes, and 4 seafood dishes. You get to choose any one entrée. How many choices do you have? 2. Same scenario, but you get to choose one entrée from each category. How many possible ways can you choose? * Addition Principle : * OR Add * Multiplication Principle : * AND Multiply Examples : 3. A license plate contains 4 digits followed by 3 letters. a. If there are no restrictions placed on the letters and digits used, how many plates are possible? b. If no repetition of letters or digits is allowed, how many plates are possible? c. If the first digit must be even, the second and third odd, followed by distinct vowels, how many plates are possible? d. If the plate must contain an odd digit followed by distinct even digits followed by distinct consonants, how many possibilities are there? 4. You go to an ice cream shop that offers 23 flavors of ice cream, 8 flavors of frozen yogurt, 5 toppings, and
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