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Collaboration fosters critical thinking draw draw

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Unformatted text preview: lities. Collaboration fosters critical thinking. Draw Draw Conclusions: take what you’ve learned and create a new idea. Claim vs. Argument claim A claim is a statement which can be either true or false, but not both. claim A claim is an assertion you want to to have accepted as a fact and not not be disputed. When When evaluating a claim, you have three choices: 1. accept the claim 2. 2. reject the claim 3. suspend judgment until you have more information An argument An argument is a set of claims. Arguments Arguments begin with premises premises and lead to a conclusion conclusion good A good argument is one in which the premises lead strong logically to a strong or valid conclusion. Form Strong Arguments Challenge Challenge assumptions Be Be sure the conclusion follows logically from the premises. premises. Examine Examine the evidence Use...
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