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Judge judge on first impressions and intuition focus

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Unformatted text preview: problems. Are Are impatient. Judge Judge on first impressions and intuition. Focus Focus on their own opinions. Look Look only for ideas like their own. Are Are guided by feelings rather than thoughts. Claim Claim that thinking gives them a headache. Four Common Decision Making Problems 1. Snap decisions Don’t Don’t jump to conclusions! 2. Narrow thinking Broaden Broaden your vistas! 3. Sprawling thinking Don’t Don’t beat around the bush! 4. Fuzzy thinking Keep Keep it sharp! Keep it relevant! Refine Your Reasoning Be Be willing to argue Use Use deductive reasoning Check Check your assumptions Know Know your own biases Observe Observe carefully Stay Stay positive and persistent Show concern for accuracy Show Take Take time before concluding Nurture Your Own Creativity Don’t Don’t accept other people’s blueprints. Be Be vigilant about what others can’t see. Dif...
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