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Question question what is being asked purpose why do

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Unformatted text preview: Thinking: What is involved? Question: Question: what is being asked? Purpose: why do I want the answer? Purpose: Point Point of View: where do I stand to look at the question? Information: Information: what data do I have? Concepts: Concepts: what ideas are involved? Assumptions: Assumptions: what am I taking for granted? Inferences: Inferences: what conclusions am I drawing? Consequences: Consequences: what are the implications of my question? Critical Thinkers Acknowledge Acknowledge personal limitations. See problems as exciting challenges. See Have Have understanding as a goal. Use Use evidence to make judgments. Are Are interested in others’ ideas. Are Are skeptical of extreme views. Think Think before acting. Avoid Avoid emotionalism Keep Keep an open mind Uncritical Thinkers Pretend Pretend to know more than they do. Get Get annoyed by...
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