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Ch 5-Critical_Thinking PPT

Use precise language to pinpoint your claim this is a

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Unformatted text preview: claim. Use precise language to pinpoint your claim. This is a perfectly logical argument (called a syllogism.) It only has one small problem: NASA hasn’t found any green men on Mars. Know Your Own Biases Everyone Everyone has strong preferences and prejudices that may prevent us from evaluating arguments fairly. Acknowledging Acknowledging these can increase the likelihood likelihood of coming up with more effective arguments. arguments. Good Good reasoners guard against their own “soft spots” to increase their objectivity. Be opinionated?” Be honest with yourself: “Am I opinionated?” Beware of Logical Fallacies Attacking the person Attacking Begging Begging Appealing Appealing to false authority Jumping Jumping on a bandwagon Assuming Assuming that something is true because it hasn’t hasn’t been proven false Falling Falling victim to false cause Making Making hasty generalizations Critical...
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