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Ch 1-Your Purpose for Attending College PPT1

S department of labor bureau of labor statistics

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Unformatted text preview: epartment of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, 2008. High School High College College You had known many of your classmates for You years More diverse classmates in terms of race, age, More religion, political opinions, and life experiences Your parents and teachers made sure you were in school every day Attendance may be up to you - and managing your time may be difficult at first Tests and quizzes were given regularly to check your understanding of the material College instructors give fewer tests Parents and teachers gave a lot of guidance Nobody treats you like a kid anymore Reading assignments were generally short Good grades were often easy to get, if you paid attention in class Classes were small with a lot of instructorinstructorstudent interaction You have to do much more reading now Good grades are hard to get and require a lot of study Classes are larger, more complex, and more impersonal Challenges Challenges Working fullWorking full-...
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