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Years asymptomatic 1 positive for antibodies against

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Unformatted text preview: itive and having AIDS are different. Remember what it takes to consider having AIDS. -you can swab your saliva to test for HIV even though saliva isn't a means of transmission because you are having a humeral and cell mediated response so the antibodies IgM and IgG are made. IgM and IgG aren't present in the saliva but large amounts of IgA are made and that is what this test is looking for and is the reason you can use your saliva. 1. Baseball game question. Important info: had a tooth extraction, murmur, rheumatic fever(damages heart valves) A) which cardiovascular condition is this? Endocarditis- subacute B) what is the most likely genus causing this infection? Streppococcus- gained access C) why do you check under his fingernails? because the hemorrhages that you see is a classic symptom D) could it have been prevented? Yes. Should have been given antibiotics before the dental work that was done 2. Aids: 25 year old man A) what laboratory tests could confirm a diagnosis? Cd4 test, looking for antibodies, the presence of the aids defining illness...
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