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Travis Vaughn Ceremony Proposal 1. I’m am going to be doing my ceremony on a eulogy on my brother Justin. 2. It is very likely that everybody in the audience has either been to, or will attend, a funeral in his or her lifetime considering everybody dies. 3. I will talk about love, memories, friendship, and the happiness they brought, God 4. I would probably talk about the happiness they brought 5. In funerals one doesn’t tend to dwell on the sad things, or the sad times, they usually focus on the happy moments. 6. How good of a father, brother, and friend he was, as well as, the life he led and the impact it left on all of us. 7. I might talk about how death is just a necessary ending to a successful story and in order for the story to live on we have to keep remembering the good points in his life that brought us happiness (I still don’t know if that’s exactly what I want to use, but it’ll be
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Unformatted text preview: something along those lines). 8. Death seems to be the action in people’s lives that evokes the most emotions and I think that the more emotions that are involved in a speech the more touching it will be if it’s done right. 9. Being born to older than normal parents meant that my whole family was much older than I was and all of my grandparents except one passed away before I was 11 so I went to a lot of funerals and heard many eulogies from an early age. 10. I will ask the students to be hypothetical members of a funeral mass. 11. I think that everyone in the audience has been to a funeral before and if not than I expect they know what one is like. 12. Happiness is the one thing that keeps us going in life. Since they are all there, I’m assuming they still have some happiness in their lives....
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