The increasing complexity in highly technological

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Unformatted text preview: The increasing complexity in highly technological systems and operations is leading to potential disastrous failure modes and new kind of safety issues. Therefore, the comprehensive and systematic safety assessment is vital for LNG facility in order to prevent the future accident. As a part of safety and risk management, the abnormal event data in the LNG facility are gathered and recorded every day. Table 1 lists the abnormal event scenarios and severity level of their consequences for a particular month in a particular LNG facility. If you are appointed as safety engineer, you are going to use the process accident model, which is developed, by Samith, Khan and Paul to maintain the safety of LNG facility. 1) Set up the Process accident model using the data available in Table1. (Hint: At this stage, Human factor and management and organizational factor barriers need not to be considered.) 2) Develop the event tree diagram to depict consequences associated with each safety barrier. Thus, estimate the consequences occurrences probability of each severity level....
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