Four Principles

Respect other peoples autonomy only time to interfere

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Unformatted text preview: Autonomy of thought: ability to think and decide for oneself Autonomy of will: Autonomy of action: thought about doing something, but cannot do it What is the principle of autonomy? • Respect other people’s autonomy • Only time to interfere with other people’s autonomy is when they are harming others Even if it is for their own good, do not interfere with them What do we mean by a truly autonomous choice? • Do you have will power? Seat belts: take away your autonomy • Law if you do not buckle up • It is for your own good Immanuel Kant • What was important to Kant was the capacity to make choices • Treat them as rational agents • Treat others as ends to themselves • Tells you how you should act It’s...
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