Tree of Life

Archaea 2 eukarya 3 bacteria the effort to name and

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Unformatted text preview: be similar among closely related species while rRNA sequences should be different among distantly related species There are 3 fundamental groups (or domains): 1). Archaea 2). Eukarya 3). Bacteria The effort to name and classify all organisms is known as taxonomy Group name is taxon Phylum is the major lineages within each domain Linnaeus created a naming system • 1st part indicates the genus, or a group of closely related species • 2nd part indicates species Chapter 51: Behavioral Ecology 51.1: An Introduction to Behavioral Biology Proximate and Ultimate Causation Proximate explains how actions occur Ultimate explains why actions occur • Biologists want to know how an action occurs and why Fixed action patterns are highly predictable, in...
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