What is a species

How much divergence is necessary to classify two

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Unformatted text preview: y different (ex: angler fish) • Also could be in different life cycles (ex: Butterfly) Also, how much is enough? • How much divergence is necessary to classify two different organisms as two different species o Criteria changes for different organisms Biological Species Concept • Species can interbreed with one another • Has problems since it’s so “binary” o There are different other types of reproduction that conflict with this concept o How to explain the liger or the tiglon o Mule as well is the offspring of a female horse and a male donkey • How do new species form? o Ancestral species begins to differentiate Speciation occurs Ancestral species does not exist Instead two derived species develop 2 models of speciation: • allopatric: other place speciation o have some sort of physical or geographical distance barrier that leads to divergence • sympatric: same place, no physical barrier o two species develop through time • secondary contact: two species come back together after allopatric speciation o i.e. Grand Canyon squirrels two different species given the canyon have diverged greatly over time species occurs because of reproductin isolation...
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