Evolution by Natural Selection

E loss of limbs in snake chapter 25 evolutionary

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Unformatted text preview: at increases fitness 24.4: Evolution in Action: Recent Research on Natural Selection TB patient Finches 24.5: Common Misconceptions about Natural Selection and Adaptation Evolutionary change occurs among population, not individuals Acclimation: phenotypic changes that occur in individuals in response to changes in the environment Evolution is not progressive, complex traits can be lost or simplified i.e. loss of limbs in snake Chapter 25: Evolutionary Processes There are 4 mechanisms to evolution: 1). Natural Selection, 2). Genetic Drift, 3). Gene Flow, 4). Mutation 25.1: Analyzing Change in Allele Frequencies: The Hardy- Weinberg Principle Hardy- Weinberg Principle: The frequency of two traits, either one is dominant or recessive, will remain the same Dominant traits will not become more frequent The frequency of each trait will not app...
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