Can acclimitize to light levels alternative ways that

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Unformatted text preview: Dark reactions However, they do happen in light and dark Continue on at night Photosynthetic CO2 uptake rate Light limitation Light saturation CO2 uptake increases as the amount of light increases Plants can acclimitize to light levels Alternative ways that plants photosynthesize Rubisco Used in Calvin cycle Important for photosynthesis Most abundant on the planet Terrible enzyme and very slow Catalyze Calvin cycle reactions Very slow Catalyzes fixation of carbon as well as photorespiration (which uses up energy and produces different C molecules) Plants can open stomata, allowing gases in and water out O2 leaves through stomata along with water To conserve water, can close stomata Way of maintaining water However, O2 gets trapped in plant CO2 also can’t get in Rubsico has an affinity for CO2 However, C can be lost during photorespiration From time when there was no O2...
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