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Moist summers and dry winters temperate shrublands

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Unformatted text preview: t characteristics Less tree density More grasses and shrubs Fires Large herbivores Hot Deserts Rainshadow deserts Still in tropical zone temperature higher than precipitation levels shrubs dominate, slow growing perennials low abundance, but not low diversity Temperate Grasslands Located between 30 and 50 degrees N, S Characterized by seasonal variation Temperature and precipitation Moist summers and dry winters Temperate Shrublands and Woodlands Winter rainy seasons Dry summers Fires are important to promote species diversity Temperate Deciduous Forests Can occur in freezing temperatures Occur on the Eastern North America Canopy layer, as well as ground layer Temperate Evergreens Variations in precipitation much higher than temperatures Boreal Forests Relatively little precipitation Very low temperatures Permafrost is an issue Forest fires occur which burn soil and trees Tundra Dominated by high...
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