Exam Review - Chapter 17

Double bond is in the trans conformation first step

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Unformatted text preview: CoA o Fatty acyl group is transferred from carnitine to intramitochondrial coenzyme A by carnitine acyl transferase II Acyl- CoA passes through the outer membrane and is converted to carnitine ester or carnitine ester is formed on the cytosolic face of the outer membrane and then moved across into the intermembrane space 17.2 – Oxidation of Fatty Acids 1st stage: oxidation of saturated fatty acids to form acetyl- CoA 2nd stage: acetyl gropus of acetyl- CoA are oxidized to CO2 in the citric acid cycle; o Acetyl CoA enter a common pathway of oxidation with the acetyl- CoA from glycolysis and pyruvate oxidation (pyruvate dehydrogenase complex) o First two stages roduce reduced electron carriers NADH and FADH2 3rd stage: electron carriers donate electrons to the mitochondrial respiratory chain, through which electrons pass to oxygen along with the phosphorylation of ADP β oxidation of saturated fatty acids occurs in four steps o Dehydrogenation of fatty acyl- CoA produces a double bond between the α and β carbon atoms to yield trans- Δ2- enoyl- CoA Double bond is in the trans conformation First step is catal...
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