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Exam Review - Chapter 21

Fasii found in plants and baceria intermediates are

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Unformatted text preview: synthase: FASI and FASII o FASI: found in vertebrates and fungi Contains 7 active sites for different reactions Three active sites found in α subunit and four active sites found in β subunit Leads to a single product with no intermediates Once the chain length reaches 16 carbons, the product leves the cycle o FASII: found in plants and baceria Intermediates are diffusible and generate a variety of products • Acyl carrier protein (ACP): the shuttle that holds the system together o Contains the prosthetic group 4’- phosphopantetheine o Preparation Steps Two thiol groups on the enzyme complex must be charged with the correct acyl groups The acetyl group of acetyl- CoA transferred to ACP by malonyl/acetyl- CoA—ACP transferase • Acetyl group is then transferred to the Cys- SH group of the β- ketoacyl- ACP synthase • Transfer of malonyl group from malonyl- CoA to the –SH group of ACP o Step 1: Condensation (loss of CO2) Involve condensation and carboxylation reaction Activated acetyl and malonyl groups bind to form acetoacetyl- ACP, an acetoacetyl group bound to ACP through the phosphopantetheine –SH group Produces CO2 • Acet...
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